Reps. Biasiucci, Bolick & Carroll Fight to Repeal the State Highway Fee

Shawnna Bolick (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representatives Leo Biasiucci (R-5), Shawnna Bolick (R-20), and Frank Carroll (R-22) are fighting to repeal the state highway safety fee, which went into effect December 1, 2018. HB 2442 repeals the annual fee, currently set at $32, which is added to your annual vehicle registration bill. The money is collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation and placed in the Arizona Highway Patrol Fund. 

“I am NOT okay with the hard-working people of Arizona being required to pay more when the state is sitting on record-high revenues and $1 billion in the rainy day fund,” said Representative Biasiucci, sponsor of HB 2442. “The $32 vehicle registration tax is burdensome on my constituents, and I am committed to repealing it on their behalf.”

“Since before I even took the oath of office, my office has continued to receive emails from constituents in LD20 about their disdain for this tax,” said Representative Bolick, co-sponsor of HB 2442. “We tried to repeal it in 2019. I am hopeful in 2020 we will come together and get rid of this unlawful tax. Hard working families in my district continue to ask for a full repeal. I look forward to voting for its repeal.”

“Enough of this taxation,” said Representative Carroll, co-sponsor of HB 2442. “My constituents have spoken, and I heard them. This is NOT a partisan issue, it is an unfair and inappropriate tax burden. End it now.”