Christine Jones: ICE Fails Big on Public Safety


Christine Jones: A Serious ‘Department of Failure’ for ICE

(Gilbert, AZ) – Tuesday, conservative business leader and congressional candidate Christine Jones named Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) the latest ‘Department of Failure’ recipient for its policy of releasing criminal immigrants across the country.

In a recent lawsuit by the Boston Globe, it was revealed that ICE has engaged in a policy of secretly releasing criminal immigrants back into society rather than deporting them out of the country. During the investigation, the Globe discovered that up to 30% of these criminal immigrants committed new crimes including rape, attempted murder, and child molestation. These numbers are dramatically higher than what ICE has reported to Congress. (Boston Globe, June 4, 2016)

Christine Jones made the following statement:

“These shocking revelations regarding the recidivism rates of immigrant criminals under ICE’s release policy are disgusting and absolutely unacceptable. The very agency which is tasked with a critical part of our safety and security has been hijacked by those who chose politics over public safety.

“What makes this even more egregious is the veil of secrecy under which ICE operated and the extent it took to force the agency to disclose this damning information. Bureaucrats at ICE have cost the agency serious credibility and trust with the American people and this reflects badly on the hard-working agents who are trying to protect the public safety. How can we expect ICE to handle external threats when its leadership is failing internally?”

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