Frank Schmuck: An Open Letter to Bryan Jeffries and Arizona Firefighters

Frank Schmuck

Frank Schmuck

Mr. Bryan Jeffries, President
Professional Firefighters of Arizona
61 E. Columbus Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012

RE: Billboard Advertisement

Dear Mr. Jeffries,

Thank you for your letter dated yesterday August 18, 2016, which we just received.  Like you and your 7,000 members, I am a loyal and faithful member, in my case, of two different employee associations representing tens of thousands of professionals nationally, many here in Arizona.  Having been a deputized public safety officer I understand the importance of great public service. As a military Veteran I understand the sacrifices volunteer forces and their families make.

I respect Firefighters.  I have lived next to one for several years.  I have worked with Firefighters many times at the airport here in Phoenix.

The advertisement you have called into question was not intended to, nor does it, in our estimation and that of many others in media who reviewed it, imply that your local union endorses me for Arizona Senate.  Nowhere does it use your symbol or mention your Association. It simply encourages Firefighters to vote on or before August 30, and I would be honored to have their vote, like many have already.  It states:Firefighters vote SCHMUCK for Arizona Senate on or before August 30th.

Among your members there are military Veterans, a title that is earned, respected and protected by law.  I am one of those Veterans along with an estimated 600,000 more in this State.  I along with our Team was pleased to see that Firefighters who are military Veterans formed the Valley Firefighters Veterans Society as a charitable organization with your support.

We would also like to remind you that Senator Dial should also quit campaigning as a “Veteran”.  Official Department of Defense Records now appear to indicate that he has apparently NOT earned NOR does he have the qualifications to use this title per state and federal law.  I am happy to speak with you and the media about all of these issues.

In order to focus on the real issues of this campaign we have asked the company handling this advertisement to discontinue it.  Currently, we plan to modify it to say, perhaps, “Frank SCHMUCK for Senate asks Firefighters to vote on or before August 30.”

Thank you for you service and we look forward to working with you after this primary election on August 30th.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of our staff.



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