Frank Schmuck: Records Now Appear to Prove Senator Dial is a Liar

Frank Schmuck
Official documents and records now appear to prove that Senator Jeff Dial has lied publicly in numerous publications to the public about his education, his military service and his business career.
Official Department of Defense Manpower Data Center Records appear to prove Senator Dial did NOT serve 8 years of military service like he has claimed and undeservedly exploited the title of “Veteran” to gain votes. California Secretary of State records for Dial Chemical, Incorporated appear to prove the company for which he claims he was Executive Vice President did NOT exist for years he claims. In 2004 Jeff Dial claimed he had a degree from a major university when the university said he did NOT.  At the time Jeff Dial blamed it on an “Administrative Error,” but university officials said he knew he didn’t have the degree at the time.
A apparent pattern of behavior seems to suggest that Senator Dial has trouble telling the truth. The public deserves to know about this apparent pattern of deception. “This is a disgrace to the Arizona Senate and also an insult to all Veterans who have served and the families of Veterans who have sacrificed so much,” said Frank SCHMUCK Republican candidate for Arizona Senate running against Dial.  SCHMUCK has released his DD Form 214 and other military service records because as he said “The public has a right to know the character and quality of service of anyone who claims to be a Veteran and is running for or holding elected office.” The DD Form 214 is the official military transcript used to prove that someone is a “Veteran.”
Official Department of Defense Manpower Data Center Records indicate that Jeffrey A. Dial, born on April 4, 1976, had more than 7 years VOID of any military orders.  Jeff Dial was only given an order in late 1996 to early 1997 to attend basic training and his specialty training. in 2015 Dial admitted to an “UNCHARACTERIZED DISCHARGE” and “UNSATISFACTORY PARTICIPATION“, which Military Regulations define as disobeying a direct military order or not showing up for duty otherwise known as Absent Without Leave (AWOL). Whether Dial completed basic training or his specialty training cannot be confirmed unless he releases his DD Form 214. Nevertheless, the amount of time and type of service ordered would NOT qualify Dial to use the title of “Veteran”. The DD Form 214 is the official transcript of military service for all Veterans.

Recently Senator Dial produced a certificate called a DD Form 256 which the US Department of Veteran Affairs indicates must have dates (plural) on it to be considered a Veteran. Senator Dial’s certificate  shows only one date. Additionally this certificate can be purchased online and NO verification is needed. To date there are NO photos of Senator Dial in uniform and NO other Veterans have come forward as eyewitnesses to his service.

Senator Dial has consistently claimed he was Executive Vice President of Dial Chemical, Inc. from 1988 to 2013 and from 2003 to 2013 on his websites. Dial Chemical Inc.(not the soap) does NOT exist in Arizona but, as a small California company owned by his parents. California Secretary of State Corporation Documents indicate Dial Chemical, Inc. did not become a corporation until August 24, 2005 — 17 years and 2 years respectively after Dial publicized he held such a title reserved typically for corporations.   “To be an executive of your company and not know when it first incorporated is baffling,” said SCHMUCK who has worked for Southwest Airlines, a Fortune 500 company, as an airline Captain and Pilot for more than 22 years.
In 2004 Senator Jeff Dial was questioned about his degree from a major university. He said he had graduated when at the time he had not. He then blamed it on an “Administrative Error,”  but university officials said he knew at the time he had not graduated.
For more documentation revealing the apparent fraudulent claims by Senator Dial visit these links:

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