No On Prop 205: Don’t Believe The Lies

No On Prop 205

Today the No on Prop 205 campaign launched a new web video highlighting the impact legalized recreational marijuana has had on schools in Colorado.

This is not the path we want for Arizona.

Youth use is up. Expulsions and suspensions are up. Kids are throwing away opportunities because they have greater availability.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Former Colorado principal Ron Catagna said it himself:

“I have watched over my many, many years of being an educator of students who had promise, who had tremendous, tremendous test scores…unravel over marijuana.”

Legalizing marijuana will not save our failing schools. Even the Arizona Republic saw through the lie. Read their thoughts here.

Watch our video and then forward it to five of your friends, neighbors, family members, or loved ones.

The only thing pot legalization gives schools is more pot in the hallways.

Watch the video here.

Visit to learn more.

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